Water sports – the fast way to burn calories

Whether it’s surfing, waterskiing or Aqua Zumba, these 3 water sports will help you lose weight fast

1) Surfing

The process of paddling, riding and recovering a surfboard gives you a full-body cardio workout that targets your arms, back, shoulders, legs and core. It’s also great for stress relief, with the rush of the waves providing a double shot of adrenalin, and the size and power of the ocean putting things back in perspective.

2) Waterskiing

Providing a whole body workout, waterskiing strengthens your core and midsection in particular, as you balance yourself on water. Your legs are also constantly engaged in a squatting position, giving your thighs a hard, next-day-burn workout.

3) Aqua Zumba

The Aqua Zumba program fuses aqua fitness disciplines with the high-energy, sexy-fitness philosophy of standard Zumba. Tone your body, improve your cardio fitness and get joint-friendly, all while enjoying the poolside party scene.

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