Vegetarian protein picks

Make your vegetarian lifestyle easy with these foods ideas.

Eating out

At a vego buffet, add more tofu, beans and nuts into meals like stir-fries, salads and soups for extra protein.

The alternatives

Look for modified versions of your favourite meals. In the era of mainstream meat-freeism, resorts and retreats are responding with vego takes on meaty faves – think sushi hand rolls made with water chestnuts, lasagne made with chopped mushrooms and eggplant strips in lieu of antipasto meats.

Non-vegan options

Assuming you’re not vegan, seek out vego options with animal products – quiches and frittatas loaded with vegies are well balanced with ample protein and fibre for fullness and muscle retention. Lentil burgers are good too.

Spice up your life

Seek out options seasoned with spices; flavoured food will provide interest and stop you thinking about the meat you’re missing. Try cuisines from different cultures – Greek, Indian, Turkish, and Moroccan.

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