The right probiotic for a healthy gut

Without a healthy digestive system, the hours slogging it out at the gym might be worth next to nothing. We take a look at the new probiotic drink making leaps in the science of gut health, PERKii

The probiotic market is a flooded one, so picking the perfect product for you is all about understanding the science. 

The gut

Often labelled the body’s ‘second brain’, the gut or digestive system has a hand in all the tasks your body performs – from hormonal regulation of your metabolism and immune system to breaking down the foods you eat into the nutrients necessary for everyday tasks. If the gut’s not functioning properly, it can manifest in an array of digestive issues, such as bloating, cramping and mental fog. Low energy levels and an inability to lose weight are also common.

So why probiotics?

For the gut to function correctly it relies on a proper balance of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ gut microbiota (read: bacteria). Probiotic products – usually taken orally in tablet or drink form – are designed to facilitate this balance by providing good bacteria to the gut in large quantities.

The problem? The stomach is a highly acidic environment, which tends to kill probiotics before they can do their job. This means that when you down that probiotic capsule or dairy-based drink, you have no idea how many probiotics you are actually getting.

Plus, how many of you are dairy intolerant? If your gut is being stressed by an influx of yoghurt, the probiotics are going to do very little for you anyway.

The PERKii science

Enter, PERKii.

Born at the prestigious University of Queensland, PERKii utilises eight years of research by some of the region’s top scientists.

The difference is in the technology known as Progel™which microencapsulates the probiotics to ensure they are delivered to the gut live – without degrading or escaping in the acidic environment.

Your gut can realise the probiotic’s full benefits in a way that has never been possible before.

Using it

Unlike many probiotic products on the market, PERKii is lactose free, making it a lot easier to consume – have it with brekkie, lunch or dinner, or as a quick sip on the go; it won’t cause the same stress to your belly. In fact, since it’s made from 85 per cent water and contains just one-and-a-half teaspoons of natural sugars from apples, it won’t do any damage to your waistline either (think just 26 calories per bottle.)

Ditch the sugary soft drink or alcoholic bev, and do your health some good. Let’s just say it doesn’t taste bad either. We like. 

Get your hands on PERKii through selected retailers nationally. For more information, visit the PERKii website.




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