Summer Body Warrior Challenge – wk2 strength

Use this strength session to compliment your wk2 cardio and step it up! 


  • Weight plate 5kg, 10kg, 15kg
  • Mat
  • Cone

This one is a tough one. So be ready to put that warrior paint on and bring it.

This workout can be done indoors or outdoors, just ensure you have approx. a 20 m length of space you can run. Set you mat up with your weighted plate in the middle. Put a cone (or choice of marker) approx. 20 metres from your mat. This circuit workout comprises four exercise combinations followed by six shuttle runs. You need to perform each exercise 10 times in order followed by the six shuttle runs. Repeat according to your nominated set choices and try to not stop until you’re done.


Option A
x10 times

Option B
x8 times

Option C
x6 times

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