Resistance band bent over row

Focus on your back muscles with this bent over row workout.

Targets: Lats, Rear Delts, Erector Spinae

Perks: Builds a strong, toned back and reinforces proper hip flexion. The bent-over row requires flexion at the hips and not the waist. This is often a strange and difficult position to get into for a beginner, but with practice and constant form checks the position will become second nature. (Fit Tip: Try to work out next to a mirror so you can see your form with every rep and ensure that proper form is being used throughout the entire workout.)

Move: Keep the bands in the same position as the upright row, but hinge your upper body forward at the hips to about a 45-degree angle. Start with your arms hanging down. Keep your elbows tucked close to your body as you pull the band back towards your waist. Pause at the top, lower the arms back down and repeat.

Words and workout by Ashley Azevedo.

Photography by James Patrick.

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