Jessica Sepel's top tips for nourishment


We got the inside scoop on how clinical nutritionist and author, Jessica Sepel balances food and wellness. Here she shares her three tips for nourishment.



Count macros, not calories: our bodies and metabolism are regulated by so many things other than calories, so how you burn a meal will depend on your hormones, stress levels, fitness and environment. Instead, ensure you have protein, good fat, carbohydrate and greens at every meal. Nutrients are what make you feel satisfied so you don’t over-eat.

Tune in to your body: portion control does have its place, so be present and mindful when you’re eating. I want to teach people to reconnect to their appetite – we are so busy reading different health advice that we have stopped listening to our own bodies. 

Keep it simple: as soon as I see a recipe with more than five ingredients, I can’t even look at it. Simplify health and make it a less daunting experience. Some of the best meals of mine are created using very few ingredients.

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