How to get strong fast

How to get strong fast
You want better results in less time? It’s time to try circuit training.

Stacey Brooke – Women’s Health and Fitness magazine.

Try: Giant sets

You’re busy and, if the truth be known, would rather spend your down time making proughnuts and working on your next big plan than cranking out dumbbell curls. You need a workout that crams more into a shorter amount of time (and to build muscle and burn fat more effectively). A giant set is a group of four or more exercises that target one part of the body, such as arms or legs.

How: Choose 10 multi-joint exercises such as squats, lunges and leg presses and perform these exercises one after another to complete one set (like a big circuit). Rest for 90 seconds at the end of each set and repeat three times through.

Why: Not only will it train cardiovascular fitness, but it will shock your body into getting stronger in a shorter amount of time.

Insider’s tip: If done correctly, you complete one HUGE workout per week and get the same results as if you were doing three to four smaller workouts per week.

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