How to find your perfect man

We asked Samantha Jayne, of Blue Label Life, for a foolproof plan

1. Change the rules (were the old ones that good?)

Commit to a schedule of actions based on your new rules, and report to a trusted friend each time you triumph over old patterns – even if it’s minor.

2. Stop being a negative nancy (it’s the top turn-off)

Before you leave the house, stand before the mirror, look yourself in the eye and tell yourself you will find someone who inspires, excites and challenges you.

3. Work your body (it and your voice do 90 per cent of your communicating)

Make a habit of checking in with your body and tone of voice during different interactions, to  become attuned to your automatic setting, and consciously work  to change any negative settings.

4. Dance like no-one’s watching

Book into a dance class and don’t invite a friend. Going alone will push you to engage with other people – you never know who you might meet. Cooking classes are also good for meeting potential partners.

5. Fire the shy factor

To ensure fear doesn’t turn you into an excuse factory for staying home, lock yourself in to two singles events a month. If you think you’ll pike, enlist a plus one to keep you accountable.

6. Three strikes ‘til he’s out

Even if you find fault with Mr Movies, hold your judgment until after date three. If you’re not impressed then, you may move on.

7. Dress to impress

Invest a Saturday afternoon (when you haven’t got a date) in mixing and matching your wardrobe inventory and earmark three outfits that make you feel, and look, your sexy, confident best. When you do have a date, the effort will show. (And avoid track pants in public!)

8. Spend time with the people who make you happy

As the saying goes, you are coloured by the company you keep, so spend time with those you bring out the best in you and you’ll put your best foot forward in the dating zone.

9. Do a double take

Take another look at the one who always makes your double-shot with soy, or re-imagine your dry cleaner – sometimes what you’re looking for is right under your nose.

10. Flash your pearlies

Wear your smile into every interaction; it goes miles towards a great first impression.

11. Believe it

Visualise yourself in the type of relationship you want and focus on what everyday life looks like there. Believing is half the battle – believe that!

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