Getting to know the mastermind behind Inspire Fitness community

We caught up with the passionate woman behind Inspire Fitness, Olivia Del Borrello about her vision behind creating a vibrant outdoor workout space (no bench press required), built around the philosophy of encouraging, motivating and empowering one another.



Inspire Fitness began four-and-a-half years ago, and what a ride it has been! There have been a few tears and a hell of a lot of laughs – all worth it when I look at the incredible community of women we’ve created and how we are changing lives for the better.

With a background in health science, I began studying a physiotherapy degree in 2013. I wanted to create not just a ‘place’ but a community for women to come together to exercise and support each other; where they could achieve their health and fitness goals and also create a lifestyle.

I was adamant it wasn’t going to be your regular bootcamp; I wanted to make it more personal. It started with one or two people (most of the time just my mum and her friend Linda, and getting them to stop chatting was a challenge in itself!).

Starting a business definitely isn’t easy – it takes a lot of determination and self-belief. I remember my first ‘big’ session, which was all of four people. I left the workout on a massive high. To see those girls, who I had just met, come together and encourage, support and empower each other throughout the entire session was something really special.

Inspire Fitness has now grown to six locations in Perth and three in Adelaide.  We are a women’s health and fitness brand on a mission to empower women to live an active and healthy lifestyle – and to actually enjoy doing it.


Even though I’m a health and fitness professional myself, I struggle with the day-to-day motions of going to the gym. There are some days I can be really motivated but there are others I struggle to get myself out the door to go for a run. It’s tough staying committed when there is no one waiting for you to arrive; when you have to think about and you’re your own workout routine and then push yourself in-session. Sometimes I think about everything I have to do when I get home, which then becomes my justification for finishing a session early or skipping the gym altogether.

This is why I created Inspire Fitness. It’s a place where you are held accountable through a booking system; where the trainers have conveniently mapped out your workout according to your lifestyle and goals, and where you are going to be encouraged and pushed to work hard and get results. I wanted to be surrounded by a group of ladies who make it fun. That is what Inspire Fitness is about.

For us, being active is a way of life. We focus on creating an active lifestyle where you work out consistently because you love it, not because it’s a chore. You become addicted to the full experience of working out with inspiring coaches and being surrounded by an incredible community of like-minded women.


I’ve lived an active lifestyle from a young age, whether it be playing netball, doing athletics or even a daily walk. It’s something my parents instilled in me from a young age.

When I exercise regularly, I eat better, sleep better, have more energy, have better focus, making me more efficient, and I don’t get sick as often. I feel more confident in myself and in the way I look, and I’m in a better mood, making me a happier person overall. It’s a way of life that extends further than aesthetic goals and I want to help to create this positive cycle in other women’s lives.

By offering a comfortable space, we help to transform our clients into strong, confident and empowered women that are the best versions of themselves.


The Women Be Active event brings women from Perth and Adelaide together to support, motivate and empower an active and healthy lifestyle – and to have a blast doing it! 

WBA comprises a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) style workout, and a circuit and boxing session run by our Inspire Fitness coaches, with live backing tracks from a DJ, followed by active recovery yoga flow. The event is free and attendees can follow up their workout with a delicious breakfast and coffee available for purchase. A great way to start the morning with your girlfriends!

The aim is to bring women together to get active – no matter your fitness level.

In such an exciting atmosphere, it’s easy to forget you’re there to work out. There’s no need to worry if you’ve never done boxing or high-intensity exercise before: you can go at your own pace and our team will be there every step of the way.

I am so excited for Women Be Active – it is by far our favourite and biggest event for the year. In just two years WBA has seen registrations in excess of 2000 women and 2017 is going to be our biggest and best one yet!

Inspire Fitness are partnering with Women’s Health and Fitness to bring Women Be Active, the ultimate event in women’s fitness.

Event details

Adelaide: Saturday 14th October, 2017

Perth: Sunday 15th October, 2017

8:30am: sign in

9:am: workout commences (1 hour followed by a 30 minute yoga flow cool down)

Tickets are free but you do need to register (registrations open from 4th September) – click here for more details. 

Instagram: @inspirefitness.au

Facebook: facebook.com/inspirewomenshealth


Website: inspirefitness.net.au

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