Cover Model Q.A. Lilian Dikmans

Cover model Q&A: Lilian Dikmans

Cover model Q&A: Lilian Dickmans
Lawyer turned fitness model, pro Muay Thai fighter and trainer, Lilian Dikmans knows a thing or two about pushing the limits and creating her own version of success. We caught up with our August 2017 cover model to find out what makes her tick.


I usually train myself four to five times a week. I do a mixture of muay Thai, boxing, functional conditioning exercises, and some Pilates and yoga when I can fit it in. If I have a fight coming up, training increases to six days a week, sometimes twice a day.


I personally don’t count calories or macros. I just try to eat the most nutrient-dense foods and listen to what my body needs. I try to eat some form of protein, carbohydrate and fat at every meal because I find this is what keeps me satisfied, and I will increase my carbohydrates around training. My favourite treat meal is anything choc-mint.


My days are always quite a mix. I might be on a shoot, at my computer creating content for my blog, teaching at Tribute Boxing or training myself – sometimes all of these in one day! But I love the variety. It keeps me on my toes.


To relax and relieve stress I just laugh. I don’t like to take my life or self too seriously.

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Website: rfhb.com.au

Instagram: @liliandikmans

Facebook: facebook.com/realfoodhealthybody

Photographer: Samuel Costin // samuelcostin.com // @samuel_costin

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