Close-grip ball push-up


Target and strengthen your arms with the close-grip ball push-up.

The Move: Close-Grip Ball Push-Up

Why: This is an advanced total body move that works not only triceps but pecs, delts and core as well.

How: Secure the ball for minimal movement during exercise. Get in standard push-up position with hands on medicine ball under chest. Your left thumb and forefinger should touch your right thumb and forefinger. Brace your core with arms fully extended and keep elbows close to body. Slowly lower yourself towards Swiss ball. Once your chest touches the ball, press back to starting position. Exhale breath on push-up.

Nail it: Keep your core tight and engaged throughout entire exercise movement as if you were doing a plank. In order to get full body muscle activation during exercise, dont let back sway.


Workout by: Brooke Stacey

Photography: James Patrick

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