Chewy chocolate date balls

These chocolate date balls are full of unprocessed goodness and their chewy texture is reminiscent of melty, tongue-dance-worthy chocolate truffles.


Try coating them in different sprinkles such as coconut, dried fruit, chia seeds and hemp seeds.

Ingredients (makes 24 balls)

•    1 cup soaked, pitted Medjool dates
•    1 cup nuts (pecan, walnut, almond, Brazil, or a mix)
•    ¼ cup unsweetened natural coconut
•    Organic 72% chocolate (for coating)
•    Extra coconut or favourite seeds (optional, for coating)

What you’ll do:
Place dates, nuts and coconut in food processor and process until a thick paste forms – not too smooth but almost like chunky nut butter. Collect heaped teaspoons of mixture and form balls between your palms.

Melt chocolate on stove or in microwave and dip truffles to coat or half coat. You may choose to roll them in coconut or nut pieces or leave as is.

For straight date balls, roll while slightly sticky at room temperature in coconut or nuts.

Keep in an airtight container or freeze until needed. They get chewier in the freezer and don’t freeze to rock hard.

Nutritional value: 10 kJ; 5 g carbs; 3.5 g sugar

Recipe from Rita Catolino, yourbeautyfuel.com

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