Butt sculpting and core strengthening workout


Want a killer butt and core? Forget separate core workouts. Adding this ingredient to your current moves will amplify results and sculpt your middle in one efficient session.


Why the bosu ball? “By adding an unstable surface, a BOSU ball increases activation of the rectus abdominus and facilitates extra activity per exercise than a stable surface would,” says Meaghan.


Words/workout: Meaghan Terzis
Photography: James Patrick 


1. Sit-up

3 sets / 12-15 reps

1. Begin by lying on the Bosu ball with your hips just off the edge of the ball. Place your hands behind your head to gently support your neck.



2. Exhale and curl your upper body over the Bosu ball. Hold for a brief second at the top before slowly returning to the starting position.


Words/workout: Meaghan Terzis
Photography: James Patrick 




2. Push-up

3 sets / 12-15 reps

1. Place a Bosu ball on the floor so the half-ball is facing down. Assume a push-up position with your hands on the sides of the ball’s platform. Brace your core and glutes.



2. Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the ball. Pause then push yourself back to the starting position as quickly as possible.


Words/workout: Meaghan Terzis
Photography: James Patrick 




3. Bosu toe taps

3 sets . 15-30 seconds

1. Place one foot on the ground and one foot on the Bosu ball.

2. Switch feet rapidly, using quick taps.


Words/workout: Meaghan Terzis
Photography: James Patrick 





4. Mountain climbers

3 sets / 12-15 reps 

1. Start in a modified push-up position over top of the Bosu with your shoulders lined up over your hands with feet straight out.



2. Keep your hips lowered and your core engaged and drive your knees in towards your chest, alternating between legs.



3. Continue driving your knees toward the centre of your chest until the appropriate number of sets have been completed.


Words/workout: Meaghan Terzis
Photography: James Patrick 




5. Single leg hip bridge

3 sets / 12 reps

1. Lie down and place your right foot on the rubber part of the Bosu ball. Extend your left leg straight into the air. Extend your arms to the sides and tighten your core.



2. With your gaze focused on the ceiling, push down with your right foot, elevating your hips. Tighten your glutes when you come to the top of the movement and hold. Slowly lower your body towards the ground but do not lie back down until the end of the set.


Words/workout: Meaghan Terzis
Photography: James Patrick 




6. Front lunge

3 sets / 12 reps

1. Keep your upper body straight with your shoulders back and relaxed, holding dombells of your choice at your sides. Keep chin up and engage your core. Step back with one leg so toes are pointing down on the Bosu ball and helping stabilise the body.



2. Lower your hips until both knees are bent at about a 90-degree angle. Make sure your front knee is directly above your ankle, not pushed out too far, and make sure your other knee doesn’t touch the floor. Keep the weight in your heels as you push back up to the starting position.

Words/workout: Meaghan Terzis
Photography: James Patrick 



7. Side to side squat

3 sets / 10 reps

1. Place your left foot in the centre of the Bosu with your right foot parallel to your left foot on the floor. Hold a weight of your choice at the centre of your chest with both hands.



2. Bend down into a squat position.

3. In one quick motion, jump sideways to your left, over the Bosu, so your right foot replaces your left in the centre of the Bosu. Your left foot should be parallel to your right but on the floor. Keep your body low in a squat as you plant your foot on the ground. Jump back over the Bosu, returning to the starting position. This completes one rep.

Words/workout: Meaghan Terzis
Photography: James Patrick 


8. Side plank

3 sets / 30-second hold

Lie on your side with your bottom elbow on a Bosu ball and with your feet staggered on the ground. Your top foot should be in front of your bottom foot. Raise your hips so that they’re off the ground and your body forms a straight line from your ankles to your shoulders. Hold, return to starting position.


Words/workout: Meaghan Terzis
Photography: James Patrick 

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