Bread – which is best?

Can’t decide between multigrain, wholemeal or rye bread? We chow down on the facts about bread varieties to help you maintain a healthy diet

Bread - we compare multigrain, wholemeal, rye and soy and linseed

Find out which bread is best, from multigrain to wholemeal


Multigrain bread sounds great in health theory, but did you know ‘multigrain’ means there are simply multiple types of grains in a bread loaf? Experts say the number of grains in a loaf does not matter if the grains in the bread are refined and have had the bran and germ removed. Ensure that the grains in your multigrain loaf are 100 percent wholegrain, not refined.


Also be cautious of white bread varieties with added seeds and grains claiming to be multigrain bread. While the added grains such as oats and barley may be beneficial for your digestive system and overall health, eating white bread, which is what the multigrain bread in your lunchbox can be predominantly made of, isn’t as healthy. Why? In the process of making white flour, the bran and germ, which contain most of a wholegrain’s nutritional value, are removed.


Made with varying portions of rye grain and flour, rye bread, particularly dark rye bread, has a low glycemic index. Dark rye, which retains most of the bran and germ, has a higher fibre content than many other breads and is also a good source of minerals such as magnesium and protein.


Jam packed with fibre to keep you fuller for longer, wholemeal bread retains the nutrients and healthy plant compounds found naturally in the grain – a slice of wholemeal toast comes packed with folate, thiamine, magnesium and vitamin E. Buyer beware, though; check that your bread contains wholemeal flour rather than relying on the colour. Not all brown bread is created equal.

Soy and linseed

High in fibre and good fats, soy and linseed bread has heart and artery health benefits, and can help to lower cholesterol.

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