Box your way to fitness

Adam Hill, the personal trainer from Australia’s Next Top Model, has put together this power-packed boxing workout to introduce you to the benefits of boxing.

If your jeans are feeling the pinch from Christmas and the silly season and you’re looking to spark up your training regime then boxing is for you.

Boxing will help you burn over 1500 kilojoules in a session. Boxing is a great way to have fun while burning away the extra kilo’s however there a few things we must remember before we start. Unless you are planning on taking on Mike Tyson there is no right or wrong way to be punching however we must be mindful of our wrists and back. The following will help you throw a good punch and keep the body in AAA condition.
Note: I find that it takes about 3-6 months to become confident and proficient with boxing! Just enjoy throwing punches and keep throwing them and if you really want to improve maybe join a boxing class or gym, otherwise enjoy the workouts below.

Correct Stance

If you are right handed the correct stance is left foot forward and right foot back about shoulder width apart. Left hand protecting the left hand side of the face and the right hand just below the chin.

Throwing the first punch

Start with the left hand (for right handers) Extend the arm out straight with a slight rotation so your knuckles end up and palms are facing the ground. Make sure when you are punching that the wrist is kept straight, any bend will increase the risk of injuring the wrist. Do exactly the same with the left hand and you are boxing.

The pad holder

The pad holder will mirror everything you do! The left hand will punch the left pad. Be careful when holding the pads that you don’t slap down on the punch as it will increase the risk of injuring the wrist! The pad holders job is to provide resistance not an extra force against the punch!

Workout 1

Set out an area with 3 points in a straight line of equal distance apart. Stand facing the pad holder at the middle point. Put on your “hook and jab pads” and “boxing gloves”. The two points are used as a point to run to and from in between each boxing cycle. It is a great idea to have the “thai Pad” very close by. The running is a great way to make the workout a complete body work out! It also will enable the pad holder to keep their heart rate up while you’re boxing…


Starting at the middle point
Ex1. 10 Punches and run, 20 Punches and run, 30 punches and run.
• Try and do crunches in between the sets.
• 20 crunches each


Put your hands across chest or on ears (not behind your head as this will increase pressure on your neck)
Maintain slow, deliberate movement.

Push ups

Place your hands one-and-a-half shoulder-width apart. Maintain a straight line between your hips and shoulders.

Ex2. 10 punches and run to marker and do 5 push ups run back to start.
• Try some more crunches
• 20 crunches
• SWAP GLOVES AND PADS and repeat.
Try something a little different. Speed punches and power punches. The speed is an attempt to try and do them as fast as possible while keeping good technique. The power punches is when you imagine your boss or ex’s head on the pad and try and punch them as hard as you can! Make sure that you are not standing too far away from the pads… make the punch count, don’t let your arm over extend and straighten completely!
Ex3. 10 quick punches, 10 100%power punches, 10 quick punches and run. Repeat 5 times
• You will be tired now but try and throw in another set of abs.
• 20 Crunches SWAP GLOVES AND PADS and Repeat.

Speed punches

Maintain your technique
Increase speed as you go. Make sure hand comes back to body at same angle you throw it out; good boxers throw punches in a straight line.

Power punches

Ensure good technique, with your wrists straight
Warm up well – don’t hit out too hard too early.
Power comes with practice!

These are just a guide and everyone should consult a doctor before starting any form of new exercise. With all exercise make sure you are enjoying it and keep changing ti up. There are so many different sports in the world we can all be good at something! Keep training hard!

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