Ab and core workout by Emily Skye


Sculpt rock hard abs with fitness IT girl Emily Skye‘s exclusive workout for WH&F.


This is a fantastic ab and core workout you really can do anywhere. By doing the workout in a circuit format, you also get the added benefit of a fantastic fat burning session. High-intensity circuits are by far the best way to burn fat as you have the effects of burning fat well after the workout is complete. This particular workout is a basic five-exercise circuit. The beauty of these workouts is that they are easy to construct and require minimal preparation. I do at least two sessions like this a week. I’ll simply choose five exercises, decide how many reps of each exercise I’m going to complete and how long a rest I’ll take at the completion of the five exercises.
It’s a really simple way to create your own effective workouts.

The rules: complete each exercise one after the other with as little rest in between exercises as possible. When all five exercises are complete, rest for 60 seconds. Repeat this process again five times.

Butterfly kicks

Targets // Abs


1.     Lie on a mat.
2.     Keep your tummy tight throughout the exercise.
3.     Keep your legs straight and slightly above the ground. Kick them up and down in a controlled motion.
4. One up and down kick is one rep.
Reps: 20

Leg lowers

Targets // Abs


1.     Lie on a mat.
2.     Start with your legs straight up with your feet facing upward.
3.     Slowly lower your legs to the ground while keeping them straight.
4.     When your heels are slightly off the ground. Return your legs upwards and start again.
Reps: 12

Modified burpees

Targets // Abs, Glutes




1.     Squat down from standing and set yourself up like you are going to do a push-up.
2.     Keep your back straight and tummy tight so that you don’t sag in the middle.
3.     Bring your feet back up towards your chest so that you can stand back up.
Reps: 12



Plank rope climb

Targets // Abs, glutes




1.     Start in a push-up position.
2.     Keep your back straight and tummy tight.
3.     Take turns in pulling your knees upwards and out to the side.
4.     One rep is complete when both left and right knees have been raised.
Reps: 10




Targets // Abs



1.     Lie on a mat.
2.     Place your hand on the ground for balance if required.
3.     Under control, raise your knees to your chest and lower back to ground level.
4.     Keep your tummy engaged throughout.
Reps: 10

Don’t forget to complement your workouts with a healthy eating regime to maximise your results!




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