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How to get abs like Megan Fox
Want sculpted abs like actress Megan Fox? PT Natalie Carter shows us how
Megan Fox’s ab workout – Women’s Health & Fitness
Hot how-to:
For an enviable ab region – is that Megan Fox by the canoe hire van? – perform these exercises three times per week, along with the thighs and arms workouts.

Clean eating tip:
What you put into your mouth is going to matter, especially if you want visible abs. treat your body as a temple. Minimise alcohol, caffeine and processed foods – especially sugar. Your body will thank you!

Prone roll out using a Swiss ball (core/back)
1. Start by kneeling on the floor, with forearms and elbows on top of the Swiss ball. You should be balancing most of your body weight on the ball. Draw your navel into your spine and tuck pelvis under (so your butt isn’t sticking out) .
2. Slowly roll ball out with your forearms and elbows. Hold until you feel your abs tighten.
3. Engage your back (lat) muscles and slowly return to start position.

How many: Three sets of 12 reps.

SEE VIDEO: Swiss ball crunches (abs)
1. Sit on top of the ball and lie back until your lower back and mid back is supported by the ball’s surface.
2. Perform a crunch (rolling up) movement. Draw your navel deep into your spine and try not to use your neck when crunching.
3. Hold for three seconds and slowly roll down back to the start position.

How many: Three sets of 12 reps.

SEE VIDEO: Side plank
1. Lie on your left side, hips stacked on top of one another, and engage your navel to your spine.
2. Position your shoulder so it is under your elbow.
3. Push up on your elbow, lifting hips off the floor and hold. Watch that your hips don’t drop. Hold for 45 seconds each side.

How many: Repeat three times.

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